Album Previews

Endless Summer

As mentioned, the album is finished. Completely finished. I expect to have it on Bandcamp as fully streamable, and available for purchase next week if not the week after. I may yet add one more song to it but I feel happy with it as it is in its current state. Half of the album with the bonus Pipeline is of course available on Soundcloud for streaming and download now.

Sinister Majesties

This will be my second album. It will have a much looser theme than Endless does, with the main focus on nihilism, self-destruction, and self-sabotage. A lot of it is done, but there is still plenty to do before it is complete. It is coming together faster than Endless Summer by far, and will have more tracks. I am aiming for 13 in total, but I may settle for 12. Typical stuff that needs to be done. A few tracks just need vocals, some just need that final polish. A couple are still in the writing phase. Again, like Endless Summer you can stream as well as download a sample of it from Soundcloud. I will be adding more songs to this playlist, at least two, as they become ready. I don’t expect to have the full album out until October.

Untitled Third Album

I do have one more album planned after Sinister Majesties. It will be more of a ambient album, much more chill than the other two, which dive off into some fairly industrial soundscapes. Some songs are written and recorded but still need polish, others are just a mess of a folder. Ideas, and riffs, and loops, and scraps. Ideally I’d like to have it finished and out in December. I will likely take a break from full albums after that or maybe even releasing music for a while. I’ve always been more of a “bedroom player”, so being public with stuff has felt really weird and I got other projects I’d like to focus on.