Sinister Majesties Update Among Others

I’ve slimmed down the Sinister Majesties album from 15 tracks to 12 tracks. It’s a lot more concise, and to the point now. I think this will be the final listing, but I will be recording vocals for the next couple of weeks once my new equipment arrives. It can very likely change during that process. I will welcome any changes that come, but I hope to keep it down to that standard 12 number. I liked the idea of 15 tracks originally, due to the themes of the songs, the album as a whole and the number itself. It’s been overdone though, and it works better as a smaller set of tracks. This was originally the goal to coincide with what I was originally thinking of calling the album, “Satanic Majesties”. This felt over the top though, and a bit too close to the Stones album. The change in album name I thought better represented what I was going for, and it didn’t sound as derivative, which was never my intention. I’ll like to do one more song on Soundcloud for it, likely when I get a final vocal cut on either the title track of “Minotaur of the Mangroves”.

Go buy Endless Summer. Any funding is going right back into this project. The eatdrugz666 promo is still good. You can also get it on cdbaby but I don’t have an option for a promo code there so it will be the full $8. The album will be on Spotify and other streaming services soon. Just waiting on confirmation on that.

The third album for this project is currently under the name Alone In The After. Going to be a much more ambient sounding album, and some stuff closer to drone. I had to deal with a recent, fairly severe injury though and this has influenced the writing of a number of songs. It steered away from that ambient direction I was initially in, and while I am headed back that way I want to include those songs that had a bit more of a wounded animal feel to them as well. OIC and Bedridden currently on Soundcloud are a direct result of that and I have a couple more that may be included as well. I’m back on the original rails now though so they could server as an interlude. Just keeping things fluid.