Pipeline (Move All Night)

I don’t just program most of the parts in my songs. The most programming I do is the drums, which is nothing but plotting samples and then drenching them in either overdrive, flanger, delay or all of the above. Pipeline I did do more programming than usual. Mostly on the slide parts as it was just the only way I was happy with them. They were fun to do live while doing the other parts, and that’s how the song came to be. I had been working day and night on a couple of particular songs and not really getting anywhere. I wanted to do something kind of fun and a bit more upbeat, change it up. And it was fun. I stood at my desk doing it over and over and over, but never really got frustrated, and it paid off.

All the songs for Endless Summer are pretty much done as far as recording go. 10 tracks if I don’t add any more but I think I got everything set, I’m just finishing mixing it. I might switch to Ableton to master some of it, as it just isn’t working out in Sonar for a couple. Two other I may do a different vocal take but that’s it. I may post another song tomorrow, but that will be it for a while. I have another set of songs in the works as well, and anything else going to Soundcloud will be from those, or other one offs I do in the mean time. I’m shooting for end of July, early August to have the full album on Bandcamp

Honolulu Blue

This is the first song I have completed vocals on. I got possibly two more to finish and the album will be just about finished. I did have a cover song I wanted to include but I’m not really that into it anymore. I may post it to Soundcloud some other time still. We are looking at 9 tracks for the album now assuming I don’t replace that track. I got a couple others I could use but they don’t really stick to the overall theme. I may always come up with something in the mean time of course.

Endless Summer Tracks

Here are two tracks from my planned Endless Summer album.

I don’t know if I want to try to monetize it or not. Either way I hope to make more tracks available in the very near future.

The biggest hurtle I have encountered with these songs are the vocals. I originally planned to have none other than a couple spoken word bits, mostly to play around with a vocoder emulator, because it’s fun as fuck. One song I wanted to do full vocals on was the cover of My Own Summer. That is pretty much done, with my own vocals processed through a vocoder. I may redo them all with some other kind of voice synth software, but I’m pretty happy with it right now as is.

At least two songs have come to the point where I strongly feel like they belong. A third is planned lyrically, but I yet to hear the song in my head. I got stuff for the others written that feels right. I’m sure I will need a few more passes to tighten things up but they are about where I want them. There is just one big problem with this, I can’t sing for shit.

Maybe in my younger years. But yeah, I drink and smoke. Smoked? Smoke. While I like playing with the vocoder emulators, I don’t want to do it to hide, I want to do it because it is what is right for whatever I am working on. It is very much of a “I’ll know it when I hear it” process. I often of the belief these songs all already exist somewhere. I just have to fully discover them, like an uncharted island, out there full of brown skinned girls with cold fruity drinks waiting for me.